Photo of the day (80): Tonna galea 2

Tonna galea is a large sea snail, that belongs to the family Tonnidae. It is family of predatory gastropods.

My Tonna galea is from southern Croatia.

Video of crawling Tonna galea on the sand in an aquarium (there is no audio):

Another video of the same Tonna galea (no audio):

The frontal view of Tonna galea usually looks like this:

Tonna galeaWhile this is the view of the same specimen of Tonna galea with extended proboscis:

Tonna galea with extended proboscisProboscis is the darker part coming from its head.

Proboscis is a prehensile tube and there is a mouth at the end of the proboscis. Therefore it is an important part of the body of the sea snail. Proboscis is well innervated (there are nerves inside the wall of proboscis) and there are glands next to the proboscis. I found no exact measurements of the proboscis of such big Tonna galea sea snails in the literature.


Simone L. R. L. de 1995: Anatomical study on Tonna galea (Linné, 1758) and Tonna maculosa (Dillwyn, 1817) (Mesogastropoda, Tonnoidea, Tonnidae) from Brazilian region. Malacologia 37(1): 23-32.

Photo of the day (52): Tonna galea

Tonna galea is a large sea snail with worldwide distribution in temperate and in tropical seas. I have taken these photos in Croatia.

Tonna galea one of the largest snails in the Mediterranean Sea. Because of its size and because its beautiful shell it is exploited or over-exploited as a food source and as a tourist souvenir.

This species is protected by 1979 Berne Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats as a strictly protected species. Therefore is is protected by law in many European countries. For example in Croatia it is protected since 2013 by law. It is forbidden to capture, kill, trade, import, export, and so on.

Despite its protection, its population size is thought to be greatly declined. Exporting of empty shells abroad is also not allowed. Let them for local residents and maybe they will use them in some nice way like this:

Tonna galea
With Haworthia sp.:

Tonna galea
With Aloe sp.:

Tonna galea

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