Photo of the day (23): Bellamya unicolor

Bellamya unilor is a species freshwater snail in the family Viviparidae fom Africa.

Bellamya unicolorI am happy, that the reader of my blog identified my snail properly. Thank you.

Apertural view of the shell. The width of the shell is 25 mm, the height of the shell is 35 mm.

Bellamya unicolorOblique view of a spire:

Bellamya unicolor shellOblique umbilical view of a shell:
Bellamya unicolorApical view focused on the apex shows, that this shell has 6 and 1/8 whorls:
Bellamya unicolorLateral view:
Bellamya unicolorA snail is protruding from its shell:
Bellamya unicolorLeft side view. The shell of this specimen is damaged and I do not know what caused this damage, but I can easily recognize snails from each other.
Bellamya unicolorBellamya unicolor snail defecating:
Bellamya unicolorFrontal view of a snail shows tentacles, snout and some folds of the mantle above the head:
Bellamya unicolor