Photo of the day (66): Pila ampullacea

Pila ampullacea is a freshwater snail originally from the Southeast Asia. It belongs to the family Ampullariidae.

These snails are edible and they are regularly collected and consumed in Vietnam in various ways. They should be parboiled, because raw or undercooked snails can transfer parasites such as metacercariae of Echinostoma causing echinostomiasis.

I thank my friend Jan Vrba who kindly provided the photo.

Pila ampullacea

A dish of Pila ampullacea from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Photo by Jan Vrba, CC-BY-4.0.

This food was served in a restaurant under the Vietnamese name “Ốc hầm thuốc bắc”, that means approximately something like “Slowly cooked snails, (recipe from) northern (traditional) medicine”. It is just a name for attracting customers. I think, they should write word cuisine instead of medicine. However snails are important source of proteins, especially in areas where proteins are scarce.



Photo of the day (16): Ampullariidae

Ampullariidae (apple snails) is a family of freshwater snails. Members of this family are the largest extant freshwater snails.

When searching for gastropods in tropical collection conservatories of Flora Olomouc I have found also these four large shells of apple snails. They are used as hanging flower pots for tropical plants.



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