Photo of the day (90): Lymnaea stagnalis

Lymnaea stagnalis is a species of a common holarctic freshwater snail from the family Lymnaeidae. It usually inhabits standing waters and also temporary pools. What will happen to Lymnaea stagnalis snails when is the temporary pool out of water?

This is a temporary pool in the southern part of the Litovelské Pomoraví Protected Landscape Area, Czech Republic at June 29, 2018.Lymnaea stagnalisFortunately Lymnaea stagnalis can survive outside water for some time. Most of them were still alive.

Lymnaea stagnalisThere are also some Stagnicola turricula snails (those smaller ones) among Lymnaea stagnalis. It is also species from the family Lymnaeidae.Lymnaea stagnalis and Stagnicola turriculaReferences



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