Photo of the day (46): Tandonia rustica and Tandonia kusceri

Updated on July 8, 2016.

Tandonia rustica is a land slug with Central European and South European distribution.

Its native distribution include Bohemia such as this juvenile one from the Northern Bohemia:

Tandonia rusticaIt has small dots.

Its coloration differ slightly from other Tandonia species. These slugs from Bratislava City in Slovakia are Tandonia kusceri. It is non-indigenous in Slovakia.

a group of Tandonia rustica

dorsal view of a Tandonia rusticaReferences

Horsák M., Juřičková L. & Picka J. (2013) Měkkýši České a Slovenské republiky. Molluscs of the Czech and Slovak Republics. Kabourek, Zlín, 264 pp. (in Czech and English). page 34 and page 113.

Korábek O., Čejka T. & Juřičková L. (2016): Tandonia kusceri (Pulmonata: Milacidae), a slug new for Slovakia. – Malacologica Bohemoslovaca, 15: 3–8.


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