Photo of the day (37): Helicopsis striata

Helicopsis striata is an interesting species. This land snail live in glacial loess steppe habitats. It lives on such habitats since ice ages. Steppes are fragmented and changed by people but this species can not live elsewhere. This means that it is a glacial relict.

It is extinct in France, it is critically endangered in Germany, in Austria, in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia. It is endangered in Poland. But it lives in large areas in Europe and it is considered as Least Concern species.

The width of the shell of this specimen is 7.5 mm and the height of the shell is 5 mm.

Helicopsis striataHelicopsis striata 02

Helicopsis striata 03

I have taken the previous three photos in the laboratory and the following photos in situ.

The steppe habitat – Čenkov steppe in Slovakia:
Helicopsis striata 04 habitat

A more closer look shows few shells of Helicopsis striata and another rare species – a plant Ephedra distachya in the top right:
Helicopsis striata 05 habitat

Helicopsis striata 06

Helicopsis striata 07

Helicopsis striata 08

Helicopsis striata 09


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