Dangling slug Arion fuscus

I found a slug Arion fuscus dangling on its mucus thread. I found it on a waste container in the street, in Olomouc city, the Czech Republic, on the September 16, 2014. Such species usually live in woods, but it can be found in gardens too.

dangling slug Arion fuscus 2
dangling slug Arion fuscus 1

It was moving down quite fast. The difference between the first and the second photo is 20 seconds.

As we know, some snails and slugs can move down on the mucus thread like a spider on a spider thread. Such locomotion is considered to be unusual.

There is a detail of Arion fuscus cropped from the first photo:

dangling slug Arion fuscus 1 detail

Further reading:

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