Photo of the day (30): Oxyloma elegans

Oxyloma elegans is a hygrophilous land snail from the family Succineidae. Oxyloma elegans inhabits water margins on sunny places with cattail Typha sp. or with other plants. This looks like a great locality for Oxyloma elegans, because it it sunny, the habitat with water margin is large and it has suitable plants:

locality of Oxyloma elegansSome dead plants on the water margin:

habitat of Oxyloma elegansDetail of the debris:

debris on the shoreThere are visible many Oxyloma elegans snails among the remnants of dead plants. More than 15 snails are visible on the same place on the photo. All of them are Oxyloma elegans. The sandpit is quite new and there were no freshwater snails yet and there were no other wetland snail species. Other succineids such as Succinea putris did not invaded the locality yet and Oxyloma elegans occupied all suitable places there.

many Oxyloma elegansLeft side view of Oxyloma elegans in situ:

Oxyloma elegans in situLeft side view in the lab:

Oxyloma elegans 2Right side view in the lab:

Oxyloma elegans 3Top view in the lab:

Oxyloma elegans 4View of the foot in the lab:

Oxyloma elegans 5References

Horsák M., Juřičková L. & Picka J. 2013: Měkkýši České a Slovenské republiky. Molluscs of the Czech and Slovak Republics. Kabourek, Zlín, 264 pp. (in Czech and English). page 65.


2 thoughts on “Photo of the day (30): Oxyloma elegans

  1. Добрый день!
    Вы могли бы отправить мне фотографию “Top view in the lab” в большом разрешении?
    Я делаю учебное задание. Я обязательно укажу ссылку на Вашу публикацию.
    С уважением,

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