Photo of the day (26): Aegopis verticillus

Aegopis verticillus is a quite big land snail.

You can find it usually in deciduous forests on calcareous substrate, but it occur also on non-calcareous substrate in forests. Its distribution include Europe approximately from the Czech Republic in the north to the southern Europe. There are more species in the genus Aegopis in Europe (about nine), but this species is the only one in Central Europe while others are in southern Europe. Aegopis verticillus has a shell diameter up to 32 mm and therefore it is the biggest species of the family Zonitidae in Central Europe.

Aegopis verticillusIt has a different sculpture on the upper part of the shell and on the lower part of the shell. Upper part has granular pattern while lower part is nearly smooth (in comparison with upper part). I like this change of sculpture.

apertural view of Aegopis verticillusAegopis verticillus


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