Photo of the day (24): Causa holosericea

Causa holosericea (Studer, 1820) is a land snail from the family Helicidae. It has Alpine distribution.

It lives mainly in humid mixed forests and in coniferous forests, but also in decidous forests. It can be usually found under the fallen timber.


There are fine hairs on the periostracum that gives velvety feels to the shell. Some vernacular names are based on these velvety hairs.

The Czech name of Causa holosericea is aksamítka sametová.

Czech etymology:
aksamit = silk velvet,
aksamítka (from dialect from Moravian Wallachia) = velvety ribbon or low fur hat with velvety surface and with edging made of fur from an otter (this fur hat is also called vydrovka in Czech),
sametová = velvety.


The Slovak name of Causa holosericea is aksamietka zamatová.

Slovak etymology:
aksamit = silk velvet,
aksamietka (colloquial expression) = velvety ribbon,
zamatová = velvety.


This post is devoted to the Velvet Revolution, that started on 17th November 1989 at that time in Czechoslovakia.



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