Photo of the day (21): Radix auricularia

Radix auricularia is a freshwater snail from the family Lymnaeidae. This species is native to Eurasia.

The shell of an adult snail has an ear shaped aperture, but I have taken photos af a juvenile snail.  The height of the shell of this juvenile snail is 14 mm. All of these photos shows the same specimen.

Right lateral view of a crawling snail:


Two frontal views:


Coloration of the mantle:


This apertural view of a live snail outside water shows the opened pneumostome:


When the pneumostome is closed, the inflated respiratory cavity is clearly visible on this photo on the right side of the body:


Apertural view of a snail in the aquarium shows also its foot and opened mouth. It is scraping algae from the glass:


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