Photo of the day (20): Aegopinella nitidula

Aegopinella nitidula is a land snail living in wet habitats. This specimen is from northern Bohemia. The proper determination requires dissection but another malacologist determined it in situ based on its appearance and detailed knowledge of local malacofauna. There are usually only informations about its shell and about its reproductive system available in books. Its shell is red-brown in color. The only information about a live snail is usually like this: The color of the body is dark.

So enjoy the photo of this snail:


Apical view:


According to tables in Falkner et al. (2001) feeding habits are like this: It prefer dead plants. It is sometimes carnivorous/saprophagous. It rarely eat also living algae and fungi.

I gave fresh leaves of Trifolium repens as a food source and a Trochulus hispidus as a prey for this snail. I was hoping that it will be enough for my AegopinellaAegopinella died after about 7-10 days but Trochulus survived in the same conditions. I am not sure if Aegopinella nitidula was eating those leaves and if it would eat those leaves after some time. It did not eat the Trochulus hispidus so I think that it can not predate an adult Trochulus hispidus that has approximatelly the same size as Aegopinella.

Your infomations about feeding habits of Aegopinella nitidula are welcomed.


Falkner G., Obrdlík P., Castella E. & Speight M. C. D. (2001). Shelled Gastropoda of Western Europe. München: Friedrich-Held-Gesellschaft, 267 pp.

(in Czech) Horsák M., Juřičková L., Beran L., Čejka T. & Dvořák L. 2010: Komentovaný seznam měkkýšů zjištěných ve volné přírodě České a Slovenské republiky. [Annotated list of mollusc species recorded outdoors in the Czech and Slovak Republics]. – Malacologica Bohemoslovaca, Suppl. 1: 1-37.


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