Photo of the day (7): Monacha cartusiana

Monacha cartusiana is hygromiid land snail of Atlantic-Mediterranean origin. It lives for example also in the southern England and in France. Is is considered as non-indigenous in (some parts of) the Central Europe, where it has isolated localities. It appears that it is spreading northward.


Monacha cartusiana can be easily recognized according to the reddish margin of the lip and white lip. The shell is yellowish.


These photos are from Olomouc, Moravia, the Czech Republic.

It is usually sitting on vegetation like this:


Juvenile specimen:


Mapping project on also includes Monacha cartusiana.


There are about 80 species in the genus. Up to 2011 there have been found only this one Monacha species in the Czech Republic. Another species Monacha cantiana has been recently found in Bohemia, the Czech Republic in 2009. We will see, if it will be also spreading, but its spreading is expected.




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